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We envision a universe that will grow into being a sustaining and sustainable community of life and love, in and through its diversity and connectedness. We have a vision that sees Jesus’ prayer “that all may be one” in the fiber of all species, including humans and in Earth herself. It is an emerging, holistic vision, taking shape in the light of who we are as the Congregation of the Great Love of God. We seek to educate, advocate, inspire and assist others to call for all creation as individuals and as communities integral to the Earth Community.”


Greening Prayers

Education Programs

  • Village Earth
  • Village Earth Outreach

The Church and Ecology

  • Coalition for Climate Change
  • Catholic Covenant

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Ecology Committee Meeting at Villa St. Joseph in Cobourg

June 3-5, 2016

Ecology Committee members gathered for their spring meeting at Villa St. Joseph, enjoying a packed agenda, time for prayer, and social times together. Many topics were covered such as news of the VillageEarth program, possible retreats, collaboration with The Elliott Allen Institute for Theology and Ecology at the University of St. Michael’s College, submissions to the Federation Newsletter, and much more.