CSJ-NGO Vision Statement

The Congregations of St. Joseph are eager to promote the wisdom of all cultures and traditions, to be a locus of learning, and teaching dedicated to preparing ourselves and others to think and act as global citizens, to be active participants in global systems change initiatives and to preserve and use the earth’s resources through sustainable development to enhance the neighbourhood of the universe.

In New York City, Sr. Justine Senapati, CSJ, the representative at our non- governmental organization, (NGO) at the UN provides the global community of the Sisters of St. Joseph with a voice at the global table where policies and priorities are developed. Sr. Justine envisions the potential for our NGO to play a far more significant and transformative role for the Congregations of St. Joseph by increasing our sense of unity and global consciousness.

Sr. Justine networks with other NGOs on important policy discussions regarding sustainable development. These discussions included top-notch leaders who have a finger on the pulse of the UN dynamic. Sr. Justine represents our vision in a challenging, politically charged climate. She knows that our goals can only be achieved by building relationships with diplomats, their staff, and other NGOs. At the UN, showing up and participating greatly enhances credibility.