The Ecology Committee Logo

About the Ecology committee logo…

When the Committee was considering creating a logo, then-Committee-member Shirley O’Rourke (CSJ Canada – Peterborough) shared a beautiful dream catcher that she had received as a gift. It was created out of wood in which the natural shading and patterns revealed images of different animals. The web of the dream-catcher was woven into the centre of the open circle of wood. The Committee felt that the dream-catcher appropriately reflected an articulation of our vision in “The Dream Seed”. It also communicated our desire to express the oneness and interconnectedness of creation. We wanted to communicate that the web of life about which we care includes every living being, not just humans. When we determined to base our logo on this image, we asked Sister Anthony Daniel (Sault Ste. Marie) to paint the image. She not only included the animal images that we saw but she discovered others which she also incorporated. The web is highlighted in green to indicate that it is living web. We eagerly embraced her painting as the Federation Ecology Committee logo.

(Priscilla Solomon CSJ)