Food For Thought

Wing Beats of Hope – Monarchs and their gift to us and all the earth 

Linda Gregg CSJ

At Villa St. Joseph in Cobourg we would always look forward to the arrival of the Monarchs in late summer and early fall. Their orange and black wings, exquisitely patterned, would be everywhere. If you walked near the Mountain Ash tree by the verandah the branches would suddenly flutter alive in a breathtaking dance of winged beauty and dazzling life.  Each year their numbers have been dwindling and we have had the sense something was deeply out of balance.  Continue reading

Sanctity of Seeds in this Sacred Season

Linda Gregg CSJ

This column has been suggested as an avenue to express concerns, hopes and opportunities around the realities of food production, food security and related ecological issues.

This is the time of year when we wait in expectant hope for the Seed of God’s life to be born anew in our hearts and lives. All the earth and the universe we know came from the seed of God’s dream in a time of distant past. And it is ours to cherish and safeguard so it can be born anew. The seeds that are tucked into the ground of the earth and stored in jars, packets, barns around the world are keepers of the sacred seed of Creation’s life – its diversity, its harmony and the balance.  Continue reading