The Federation Associate/Companion Leaders Committee, forms a supportive link and communication network among the Sister/Associate Directors of the Associate Movement within the three Canadian congregations.  The Committee meets annually to share ways of furthering growth and development within the CSJ Associate/Companion Communities. Conferences are organized for the over 500 lay persons who join with their vowed Sisters in furthering their shared mission of bringing unifying, healing and reconciling love to our broken world.

Lace is a symbol of our lives and links us with the founding Sisters who were lacemakers

csj lace

Associate/Companion Leaders Gathering

Villa St. Joseph, Cobourg, Ontario

MAY 28-30

  • This year the group received a warm welcome to its Annual Gathering from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie, at the lovely setting of the Motherhouse in North Bay. The days spent together were well enjoyed, attending to the various business aspects, sharing of reports, praying, and some great social time. This year, a portion of the time together was devoted to a retreat, following a Contemplative Dialogue approach. The experience was appreciated by all present.
  • Grateful thanks are offered to the Sisters in North Bay for their hospitality.
  • A photograph of the group is shown below.


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