The Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada was established in 1966 to provide a framework for consultation and exchange of views between the six autonomous congregations and, to the extent that it may seem desirable, for mutual help and coordination of efforts. By 2005 the role of the Federation reflected a broader scope and purpose.

The Archives of the Canadian Federation reflect this evolving mandate through correspondence, minutes of meetings of the Federation Board and Executive Committee, task force and the standing committees, annual reports, and publications as well as photographs, audio-visual material and some artifacts.

In 1984 the Toronto congregational archivist, agreed to assume management of the Federation’s inactive records. In September 2011, the Federation Archives was moved with the Toronto Congregational Archives to 101 Thorncliffe Park Drive, the new administration office for the Toronto congregation.

The archivists of the six original English-speaking Canadian congregations collaborate together as a Federation Archives Committee to:

  1. To support one another in preserving the history, charism, vision and mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada;
  2. To support one another in the formal development of archives’ administration as it relates to individual congregational archives as well as the Federation ArchivesTo coordinate historical projects as they relate to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada.

Please contact Linda Wicks, Toronto CSJ Archivist for more information: