The Green Window

Part 13  –  September 2013

Earth Church And Christian Discipleship

Since Vatican II, as Christians we have been reminded of the call to “read the signs of the times.” To do so is to root the call to discipleship in the “here and now”. Our “here and now” is our presence in a world, at once sacred and beautiful through which we experience God’s indwelling and divine reflection and simultaneously a world under intense environmental distress that threatens all life systems and results in profound human suffering. In this context it is perhaps little wonder that Pope Francis chose to be named for the patron saint of ecology, Francis of Assisi!  Continue reading

Part 12 – March 2013

Cosmic Reflections On The Pascal Mysteries

I am walking on a path by the river.  Ice has now completely silenced the waters.  Snow has blanketed the ground. Trees silhouette their bare and mute forms against the grayish sky.  All seems at a standstill: life stymied by some invisible inner forces.   I  remember witnessing  all the letting go, the surrendering, the stripping, the dying that nature underwent as it transitioned from autumn to winter just a few months ago. Continue reading

Part 11 – December 2012

Continuous Incarnation

Musing on Living Our Charism

Knowledge of our furry and feathered friends can teach us much. Whether, furry, feathered or human, we are blessed with our own unique DNA. It is my conviction that our csj charism of unity is part of our DNA just as the built-in urge to hibernate or fly south for the winter is intrinsic to some mammals and birds. This gift for creating unity is part and parcel of our spiritual DNA. As daughters and sons of the Joseph family, we do not acquire the charism but rather resonate with it. Through deepening faith and lived experience our awareness of the charism increases.  As we become more sensitive to this gift within us, we are better able to release its giftedness.  Continue reading

Part 10 – September 2012

A Story Of Intimacy – “Mary Of The Cosmos”

There is a new story to be told, one that requires a vision of the Universe that is alive with creativity and imagination…a story that calls out for new images, symbols, language and structures.  This is the gift of the artists, the poets, and the dreamers – to pull us forward into new perceptions of reality. Inspired by Thomas Berry, artist Bernadette Botstwick, sgm of the Green Mountain Monastery and the Thomas Berry Sanctuary in Vermont has created ‘Mary of the Cosmos’, an icon which “beautifully celebrates the sacredness and holiness of all matter in the cosmos.”   Continue reading

Part 9 – March 2012

Spring Reflections On Christology – In Conversation With Ellen Leonard

“In Christ’s Resurrection, the earth itself arose,” declared St. Ambrose of Milan.[1] We take the opportunity of this time of reflecting on the salvific moment of Christ’s resurrection to re-think our Christology. As before, we turn to the work of Elizabeth Johnson. There we learn to re-position our human story within the enlarging horizon of  planetary and cosmic history and recognize that there are far reaching implications for our faith lives. As Johnson relates:  Continue reading

Part 8 – September 2011

Autumn Reflections On Christology With Ellen Leonard Csj

Ellen began our conversation by recalling a story by the noted U.S. naturalist John Muir. When Muir came upon a dead bear in Yosemite, he penned a fierce criticism of religious people who make no room in heaven for noble creatures such as this magnificent bear:

Not content with taking all of earth, they also claim the celestial country as the only ones who possess the kinds of souls for which that imponderable empire was planned. To the contrary, he believed, God’s charity is broad enough for bears.[1]

Continue reading

Part 6 – 10th Anniversary Of “The Dream Seed” December 2010

Stairwells, like wooded trails and roadways, are places of transition.  It isn’t every day that conversations in a stairwell give birth to a whole new life. Yet that is what happened. Conceived in conversation among Sisters Janet Fraser, Linda Gregg and Gwen Smith in a London Motherhouse stairwell in April of 1999, the Federation Ecology Committee was birthed in Toronto by a Federation leadership decision later that year. Continue reading

Part 4 – Copenhagen Summer – March 2010

Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change:
A Canadian Youth Perspective

By Laura Tozer and Janet Speth CSJ Toronto

gw04“I have been involved in United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change international negotiations since 2005 as an advocate, a communicator, and a student. I work to represent young people who lack a voice in the negotiations that are deciding our future, and to communicate with the public directly about what is going on behind the scenes. I have gained a great deal of experience in this role and I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing young people that are dedicated advocates for action on climate change. Continue reading